Pat Sciortino







Pat Sciortino




"Pat Sciortino was the first learning specialist that our son ever responded to in a positive and enthusiastic way. After his first session, he was excited to read and practice spelling and math. He looked forward to working with her each week. She understood what kind of learner he was and developed a bond with him immediately. She knew how to motivate him and make him feel good about himself. We were so sad to lose her as his tutor when we moved out of state. We have lived all over the world and can honestly say that she is one special lady, a rare gem for your child."

Alice Shapiro, Manhattan, parent

“Patricia was my daughter's first teacher at Bridges Academy. She worked wonders in healing a wounded ego and turned our daughter around to have a great experience in middle school and high school. Patricia was a life saver, we will always be grateful for her help.” June 29, 2012

Dr. Andrew Frank, DDS, Los Angeles, parent

“Pat’s work with my son help establish a point where things turned around for him and for our family. She connected with him in a very important way at a time when he needed encouragement and understanding. She helped him to see his strengths and encouraged him to try new things by introducing him to drama and Improvisational Play.” June 20th, 2012

Debra Hori, Los Angeles, parent

“We have explored many channels in our search to help our 8-year old son better manage his ADHD, both in the classroom and socially. Meeting Pat, has been by far, the best discovery of all. Her guidance with us as a family and in collaborations with his teachers has made a huge difference towards a more positive self-esteem and ultimate successes. Pat educated his teachers on how to create the appropriate classroom environment and recommended strategies that focus on his academic gifts eliminating many of his social challenges. Her expertise, sense of humor, kind heart and genuine love of children makes working with her a real gift.” August 2, 2012

Nancy Cohen and Joe Chisom, New Jersey, parents

“Pat is a gifted teacher and she really "gets" our kids. She believes in them whole heartedly and inspires them to realize their gifts. She's also a knowledgeable, first rate drama teacher. She's the real deal.” August 3, 2012

Norman Green, Manhattan, parent