Pat Sciortino




Improvisational Play
Policies and Procedures

Class Cancellations: Enter Laughing reserves the right to cancel a class as a result of insufficient registration.

When possible, please let me know when your child will not attend a class. I want to allow as many practice opportunities as possible for your children and knowing the number of children to plan for makes our class more meaningful.

Make-up Classes:
 Enter Laughing allows one (1) make-up class per each 6 week session. Please let me know before class time that your child will be absent, and he/she will be credited one class into the next 6 week session. Each member of the Improvisational Play class becomes a contributor to the team play. Their absence is felt! Please be discriminating when allowing your child to miss class. School fieldtrips and illnesses are considered acceptable excuses for make-up classes.

Waiting List:
If you have signed up for a class waiting list, I will contact you if a spot becomes available.  You will not be charged until we've checked with you to ensure you are still interested in the spot, and the first installment of $660 must be paid before the beginning of classes to reserve the spot.

Arrival for Class:
 I will meet families in the reception area outside of the performance space at The Church Street School and bring everyone into our classroom collectively. It is helpful for everyone to arrive on time, so each child feels he/she is on the same page as class peers and hasn't missed any instruction. The first ten minutes of class is crucial in establishing a productive environment of equal comaraderie and in setting the expectations and goals of that day’s class. Also, students should arrive no more than 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled time for their class to avoid congestion in the common area. No child is allowed to bring wireless devices into the performance space, or play toys that would prove to be a distraction during class. All children should bring a bottle of water to class.

 After class, students will be released to waiting parents/caregivers in the area
outside of the performance space. Please wait for your child to be dismissed at 5:00 pm for Friday players or 11:00 am for Saturday players. Please make arrangements with me if you need your child to leave early, so I can arrange the format of that class accordingly with the least disruption to the other students. Please notify me ahead of time if your child will be picked up by someone other than a regular caregiver or parent.

Class Viewing:
 I regret that Improvisational Play is not set up for class viewing without negatively impacting your child’s learning environment. A demonstration class at the end of the school year will provide an opportunity to see what your children have been learning.

The class session is comprised of 5 in-person classes and 1 online class as the 6th class. The session fee is $550.

Billing: Families are billed at the beginning of each session of six classes and payment is due before the first day of class. You will receive an email notice from INTUIT that “Enter Laughing” is requesting an online payment in advance of each new session. If you prefer to pay by check, please let me know and make them payable to Enter Laughing. Payments past the invoice due date are subject to a 10% late fee, unless previous arrangements have been made.


Learning Specialist
Policies and Procedures

Private 45 minute to 60 minute learning session- $150

Billing: You will be billed monthly for learning sessions through INTUIT online payments, and payment is due before the first session of each month. A 10% late fee will be applied if payment is made after due date stated on the invoice. If you prefer to pay by check, the check must be received before or on the first learning session of the month.

 If you need to cancel a tutoring session, please notify me 24 hours in advance to prevent being charged for the session. If I cancel the session, I will give 48 hours or more advance notice and will schedule a make-up if requested, or credit the session on the next invoice. Please remember: Consistency is an important component of learning!

Please be sure that your child has pencils and paper available for the sessions. I will supply manipulatives and other special supports to use during the sessions. It may be necessary for you to purchase manipulatives to have on hand for practice and consistency.

Phone Consultations:
My fee as a learning specialist includes 20 minutes of weekly phone consults with parents and/or school staff to support your child’s learning.

School Meetings-
On-site meetings are billed as one fee of $125, no matter the length of the meeting or time spent at the school. I will bring individual learner profiles to share and reference during the meeting, as well as appropriate graphic organizers that would support your child’s learning in the classroom. I am happy to observe in the classrooms, when it is appropriate. It is productive for your child if his/her school teachers and I have a positive relationship built on my support of their classroom curriculum.

On-site I.E.P. meetings are billed as one fee of $150. I will bring the necessary documentation to share at the meeting.

Vacation Packets-
At your request, I can create work packets based on the academic focus during our learning sessions to be used over vacation weeks. It takes about 2 hours to prepare these packets based on the individual student’s specific needs, so there is a fee of $50 per packet. The packet is emailed to you for printing.

Educational Consultant

Initial Consultation - Includes phone call or in-person meeting, written communication and research-flat fee of $250.
On-site School Assesssment - Classroom observation - Flat fee of $125.
On-site School Tours - Flat fee of $75
On-site School Meetings - Flat fee of $125